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Introducing the exquisite 9ct Rose and White Gold Flat Court Matt Wedding Ring with a Polished Edge, a symbol of enduring love and commitment that blends timeless elegance with modern sophistication.

Material: Crafted from the finest 9-carat rose and white gold, this wedding ring boasts a beautiful contrast of two precious metals, each with its unique charm. The combination of rose and white gold creates a striking and harmonious composition, making it a unique choice for couples seeking a distinctive and personalized symbol of their love.

Design: The ring features a Flat Court profile, which means it has a flat exterior surface for a contemporary and sleek look while maintaining a comfortable, curved interior for a snug fit. The matt finish on the surface of the ring adds a touch of understated elegance, providing a subtle texture that complements the polished edge. The polished edge not only enhances the overall design but also catches and reflects light, creating a brilliant contrast with the matt finish. This combination of matte and polished finishes symbolizes the duality of love - its quiet, intimate moments and its moments of shine and celebration.

Symbolism: This wedding ring represents a union of two souls, just as the two types of gold come together to create a harmonious whole. The rose gold symbolizes love, passion, and affection, while the white gold signifies purity and unity. The polished edge signifies the bright future and celebrations that lie ahead, while the matt surface represents the intimate, quiet moments shared between partners. It serves as a reminder that love is a multifaceted journey, where both partners support and complement each other through all of life's ups and downs.

Comfort: The Flat Court profile ensures a comfortable fit for everyday wear, making this wedding ring a perfect choice for couples who want both style and comfort. It is designed to be worn with ease and will stand the test of time, just like the love it represents.

Size and Personalization: Available in a range of sizes to suit your individual preferences, this wedding ring can also be personalized with engraving to add a special message, date, or initials that hold sentimental value to you and your partner.

Whether you're about to embark on the journey of marriage or are renewing your vows, the 9ct Rose and White Gold Flat Court Matt Wedding Ring with Polished Edge is a meaningful and stylish choice to celebrate your love, unity, and commitment in a truly distinctive way.

Make this exquisite wedding ring a part of your love story, a lasting symbol of your beautiful journey together.

We have a large varied selection of gents wedding rings with various profiles , patterns and finishes .

Intermediate weight Flat court profile ( also available in other profiles, slight court , modern court , modern flat court and traditionsl court)

9ct White and 9ct rose gold 
(Other metal options available )

Profile: Flat court 

Weight: intermediate  (1.5mm deep)

Width: 6mm ( 3mm to 8mm available )

Sizes available up to Z

Also available in light , medium  and heavy weight .

Please contact us at Fogal and Barnes Harrogate  for further details and prices, alternatively please make an appoinment with us at our Harrogate boutique store .

As these are bespoke rings they are not covered under the distance selling regulations.


Each piece can be bespoked to your personal style. Rings can be altered 2 sizes up or down free of charge. 

Visit our Bespoke page for more details 

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