Fogal & Barnes


The Vesper cocktail was created and inspired from the James Bond cocktail culminating in this stunning five stone multi coloured necklace combining amethyst, peridot, blue topaz, citrine and garnet gemstones.
Comes with a 16" to 18" adjustable silver chain. Wearing this wonderful mixed coloured necklace is the perfect way to kickstart a special night on the town or simply mix and match from your wardrobe. Can be worn day or night.
This necklace is 15mm across the five stones with 1 amethyst 2mm, 1 peridot 2.5mm, 1 blue topaz 3mm, 1 citrine 2.5mm and 1 garnet 2mm all rub over setting.
Celebrating birthstones for;
.January (Genuine Garnet), February (Genuine Amethyst), August (Genuine Peridot), November (Genuine Citrine), December (Genuine Blue Topaz)

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