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Article: Why it’s vital that the business sector helps and supports local communities.

Why it’s vital that the business sector helps and supports local communities.

Why it’s vital that the business sector helps and supports local communities.

This blog will illustrate the benefits of delivering a CSR Policy, to help and support disadvantaged people in our community.

 I have been involved in creating and developing community projects for over 25 years.

 In 1997, I was chair of a group who built a youth club in North Leeds, providing support to local children, together with delivering youth leadership courses and many different sport, music and social activities to young people.

 Over 200/300 young people attended every week and after 25 years, whilst they have now moved premises, the youth club continues to go from strength to strength.

frickley athletic FC Fogal and Barnes Fine Harrogate jewellers

 At the same time. we provided further support to children in the Manny Cussons children’s home and also ran some successful adult community football teams.

 I am absolutely convinced, that if there was a similar youth club in every area of all the big cities and towns, we would create and see a far safer and far better society. This investment would save millions in policing, NHS and prison costs, whilst also helping young people to be the best they can be, whilst also becoming the next community and business leaders.

 Frickley Athletic FC Fogal and Barnes Fine Harrogate Jewellers

I just don’t know why every government just doesn’t see these benefits?

 I have also worked extensively in schools and the prison service, delivering emotional intelligence, business and employment coaching. We proved that by just providing the very basic of mentoring, you can make a huge difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people, their families and their communities. This will prevent crime and giving young people the best future job and career opportunities.

Frickley Athletic FC Fogal and Barnes Fine Harrogate Jewellers

 But for some reason, subsequent governments still don’t see the benefits of expanding this coaching and mentoring into every school and every prison. Once again, it would save billions that could be spent on our education sector, NHS and other public services.

 Working with the young offenders was for me, one of the most rewarding career things I’ve ever done.

 You are now probably wondering why as a Harrogate Jewellers we are sponsoring and supporting a football club and Community Foundation 40 miles away?

 Frickley Athletic FC Fogal and Barnes Fine Jewellers of Harrogate

After lockdown, I wanted to get back into my two real life passions, football and community development. After looking at numerous local clubs, I found my home in the village of South Elmsall, at Frickley Athletic. It was clear at our very first meeting that the people running the club all shared the same passion, values and beliefs of developing a true community hub.

 Their community foundation was already doing some fantastic work in the community and over the past twelve months, we have developed these activities even further, helping and supporting thousands of young people in the local community and beyond.

 These are just some of the activities we run: 

  • Pre and after school clubs
  • Holiday Camps
  • PE coaching and cookery classes in schools
  • Kick boxing coaching
  • Ladies football
  • Academy football for 7 year old to a 16 years olds
  • Mental Health coaching and support A
  • new food pantry
  • Walking Football
  • New rugby league coaching
  • American Football
  • Delivering the Active Through Football strategy, helping adults from our community to engage in any type of sport or activity to help them with their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Netball

 Future projects include a youth provision and a school for SEND Children around the region.

Whilst I genuinely love helping the community, developing a CSR strategy can also create real benefits to your business. Whilst It’s so rewarding helping people in your community and making a real difference, you and your brand will also be seen as a caring business to both your customers and your employees, delivering real tangible marketing and sales benefits.

 If you would like to get involved with the Frickley Athletic Foundation or would just like some advice on how you can also help in your community, please get in touch with Mona and myself at our Jewellers in Harrogate, Fogal and Barnes.


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