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Article: How do I surprise my girlfriend with her dream engagement ring?


How do I surprise my girlfriend with her dream engagement ring?

We have numerous customers who come to our store asking: how do I pick the dream ring for my partner and make it a surprise? Where do I even start?

 This blog will illustrate some of the different ways that you can achieve this.

 So where do you start?

 When you are looking to purchase her a dream engagement ring, these are some of the things to think about:

  • The colour of the band, do they prefer white gold, platinum or yellow gold?
  • What gemstone do they prefer? These are some of the choices, Diamond, sapphire, Ruby, aquamarine or emerald.
  • What shape diamond do they prefer round, oval, princess, pear or cushion?
  • Do they prefer single solitaires, a trilogy, a halo or diamonds on the shoulder?
  • What size gemstone do they prefer?
  • What is your realistic budget?

 These are four ways to help you find out the answers to these questions

 Window shopping

 Go for shopping in a town such as Harrogate, where there are numerous quality independent jewellers on the high street.

 The Jewellers in Harrogate will always display a huge range of different engagement ring designs in their shop window.  As you walk by the shops, discreetly get your girlfriend to do some window shopping. See what her reaction is to what designs are displayed in the window, this may give you some real insight into which design she would really love.


 Social Media

 When she scrolling through her social media Instagram or Tiktok account, does she keep showing you or “like” or “comment” about a particular design that she loves? Does she always like or mention the same style or design?

 Her family and friends

 Ask the people who are the closest to them. It may their mother, sister or best friend, as they may have discussed exactly what you partner would prefer if they were asked. If they don’t give you an exact description, they may know some of the details. for example, the colour of the band or the shape of the gemstone.  But if asking their loved ones, always ask them to keep it as secret.


What jewellery does she already wear?

 What colour jeweller does she already wear and like. Does she like lots of sparkle, does she prefer traditional or modern, chunky, minimalistic, large or small stones. What colour jewellers does she like and wear all the time?


Listen to her conversations

After discussing marriage, listen to what she may say. Often, your partner will give you some huge hints about what she would like her dream engagement ring would look like. Do they keep mentioning their friend’s engagement ring and/or how much she like the cut or the design?  



Sizing the ring

How do know what size to get her? Does she know her wedding finger size? She may just mention it whilst out shopping or when hinting. Does she already wear a ring on her wedding finger or her middle finger? This will give you an idea what size what she needs. You can take this into the jewellers in Harrogate to gain a more accurate sizing.


At Fogal and Barnes, we also ask to see a photo, as this can give us a really good indication of what size your girlfriend may be.

We also suggest that if you really don’t know the size, that you take our size M rings, then make the proposal and after she accepts, you can then come back in for a resizing. This will only take a couple of days to be completed.


If all else fails

Finally, if all else fails and you really do know what to choose, you can just ask her directly. You can still make the actual proposal a complete and utter surprise.


For any advice, please visit our Fogal and Barnes store in Harrogate, or alternatively give us a call and we will be very happy to help advise you every single step of the way.


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