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Article: What's trending this year for engagement rings?

Couple getting merried getting engaged wedding rings diamond engagement rings Harrogate jewellers

What's trending this year for engagement rings?

What are the most popular shapes and designs for diamond engagement rings in 2023?

This year has seen a change in the most popular choice of diamond shape and design of engagement rings purchased in our Harrogate Jewellers.

Our best seller has been the Pear shape, designed with a diamond halo, together with diamonds on the shoulders of the band. With the most popular size of the main diamond being between half a carat and 0.70cts.

pear shap diamond engagement ring Jewellers in Harrogate Fogal and Barnes

Our second best seller, has been the Oval shape, once again, with a diamond halo and diamonds on the shoulder of the band. With the most popular size being a half carat.

oval diamond engagement ring yellow gold Jewellers in Harrogate Fogal and Barnes

Our third most popular, has been a Princess shape, either as single solitaire or with diamonds on the shoulder. Interestingly, we have sold far more 0.70cts and full carat Princess cuts than any other sizes.

Princess cut diamond engagement ring Jewellers in Harrogate Fogal and Barnes

We have also sold far more single classic solitaire rings this year. Most of which have been between a half and a full carat. The best selling shapes being Pear, Oval and Emerald cut. 

emerald cut diamond engagement ring yellow gold wedding ring Harrogate jewellers Fogal and Barnes

Overall, the size of diamonds selected has also changed. Due to us selecting a variety of different sizes you can select the perfect sized diamond ring for you.

We stock every size of diamond, but as we choose every single diamond ourselves, we always look for the best size to value ratio. With a good spread, a 0.90ct diamond can often look bigger than a 1ct. With same colour, quality and clarity, the 0.90ct can be up to 30% better value than the full carat diamond ring.

The choice of metal for the band has also changed this year. Because of the significant increases in the cost of 18ct white gold, Platinum rings have been the metal of choice. Traditionally, Platinum has always had a premium price wise of 15-25%. This is predominantly due to the fact that it is rarer and heavier than gold. We have also seen a large increase in the popularity of 18ct yellow  gold for Engagement rings, Wedding bands and Eternity rings.

Coloured gemstones have seen a rise in popularity as an alternative choice for engagement rings. Sapphires, Emeralds and Aquamarines all with wedfit bands provide a different option to diamonds giving a larger look and spread on the hand. The main thing to look for in coloured stones is tranluscency, clarity and intensity of colour. The most desired hue and tone of a coloured  stone is entirely in the eye of the beholder.

sapphire engagement ring wedding rings yellow gold platinum rings Harrogate Jewellers

Before you purchase your dream engagement ring we always suggest you visit our Harrogate jewellers on Cambridge Street and try on several different styles. While being guided by one of our expert advisers, Its their job to help you find the perfect ring that you may not have considered.

Over 50% of our customers end up buying a completely different metal, shape or design than when they originally came for.


To choose your dream engagement ring make an appointment in our jewellers Harrogate, by calling 07748117979 or feel free to pop in to our store at anytime 7 days a week.

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