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Article: Some easy-to-use DIY jewellery cleaning tips

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Some easy-to-use DIY jewellery cleaning tips

We get so many of you popping into our Harrogate Jewellery asking, “how can they clean their precious diamond or coloured gemstone engagement or wedding rings?

 If you wear your ring every day, it can collect lots of oil, make up, creams and dust, which will ultimately create a layer over your beautiful gemstones, making them look dull and not allowing the stone to sparkle as it should.

 This blog will illustrate some ideas on how to make your beautiful gemstone sparkle again.

 For all your platinum, gold, diamond, and coloured gemstones, you can use soap, warm water and a toothbrush. But don’t wash your pearls using this method, as it can damage them.

 We also recommend that you check the condition of the ring before cleaning and never clean your jewellery in a sink, as you may lose the ring, a diamond, or a valuable gemstone down the plug hole.

 Instead, fill a bowl with warm water and washing up liquid, then soak your ring in the bowl and gently scrub the ring with a soft bristled toothbrush. Then rinse all the soap off the ring and dry with a clean and non-abrasive linen or cotton cloth.

How do I clean my  engagement ring jewellery Harrogate Jewellers Fogal and Barnes


We suggest that you repeat this cleaning method every few weeks.

If you are still not sure, please feel free to pop into our Harrogate jewellers to get more advice or to have your beautiful ring cleaned by us.


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