Why choose a GIA Certificated Diamond Engagement Ring?


The challenge of selecting a diamond engagement ring can be a daunting task as many people have never done it before. There are a select group of Harrogate jewellers who can steer you through the process to finding the perfect ring. Our focus of today’s topic is why you would choose a GIA Certificated ring.


What is GIA?

GIA is the Gemmological Institute of America. This body has been established since 1931 to grade diamonds for the jewellery industry. It provides a platform that enables accurate and consistent diamond grading not just for the jewellery industry but also as a reassurance for the buying customer. Diamonds graded by GIA have a certificate that clearly states colour, cut, clarity and carat weight of the diamond concerned. Considering that a Diamond ring is probably one of the most expensive purchases we would make its imperative that we understand exactly what colour and quality you are buying.


The 4 C,s

The 4 C,s  are the benchmarks by which we grade a diamond .They consist of Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity

Carat:  This is the physical weight of a diamond and gets its name from the Carob seed which in nature has a consistent weight of 0.20grammes. This was an ancient way of measuring accurately. 1 carat of diamonds is split into 100 points. A 3/4ct stones is 0.75ct and so on.

Cut:  The shape of a diamond. Most diamonds are versions or derivatives of the brilliant cut. These would include Round, Pear, Marquise, Heart, Radiant, Princess and others. These stones are designed for the light to hit the many back facets and split the light into glitters and sparkles. Emerald or Asscher cut are the exceptions as they have fewer facets. These stones are designed to give a broader flash of light like the edge of a bevelled mirror.

Colour:  Colour is graded from D-Z, D being the whitest colour and Z being the lowest. At Fogal & Barnes we tend to keep within the ranges of D-G. That’s not to say there aren’t amazing stones to be had in other colours. Some people prefer a yellow tint to better reflect the look of vintage or older cut diamond. We always bear in mind the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Clarity:  Clarity is the word we use for the number of natural inclusions contained within a stone. The higher the clarity, the clearer the stone. Frequently we refer to them as Nature’s hallmarks. Most diamonds have natural inclusions and to find one without any is incredibly rare. The size and visibility of the inclusions can vary and are graded as such. If the stone has no inclusions then it would rate as Flawless. The scale then goes down according to how visible they are. Here at Fogal & Barnes we always state wherever possible the grading of the stone.

A GIA graded stone will always carry with it a certificate or dossier. As from 2025 all GIA Diamond reports will be digital, this means that all the diamond details will be available to check on the GIA website by simply entering the report number. Each diamond will come with a scan code that links directly to the GIA database.

GiA diamonds at Fogal and Barnes harrogate Jewellers



 As a security measure each diamond is also laser inscribed on the girdle with the report number allowing you access to details and grading of that specific stone. The identification number is unique to each individual diamond. This allows you to be confident that the stone you get is of undisputable quality as sold to you. Most customers will appreciate peace of mind that the guarantee gives you knowing you are purchasing a natural diamond.



GIA is your guarantee of quality as well as the reputation of your local jeweller. always ask your friends for recomendations or search for high ranking google reviews.