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Article: Why a Thin Band is the Worst Choice for an Engagement Ring!

Why a Thin Band is the Worst Choice for an Engagement Ring!

Why a Thin Band is the Worst Choice for an Engagement Ring!

As an esteemed independent jeweller here in our delightful Harrogate spa town, I simply must advise against the dreadfully impractical trend of setting a lovely big diamond or gemstone onto an ultra-thin, minimalist ring band.

I know you've seen celebutantes flaunt such spindly rings on Tik Tok and Instagram!

Let's examine the details, shall we? For an engagement ring meant to last your lifetime, the band truly needs a certain heft - a minimum of 1.6mm thickness is recommended for simple prong or trellis settings. Anything daintier than 1.2mm and you'll be facing bent, misshapen bands before you know it from regular wear.

Cathedral and tension settings demand even sturdier 1.8-2mm bands to bear that beautiful stone.

We don't want your precious center diamond or gemstone to go missing, yet that's precisely the risk with those thin bands. They provide inadequate support for prongs, channels or bezels, allowing the setting to loosen and your treasured sparkler to become dislodged.

A durable band is an absolute must to safeguard that stunning centerpiece!

Resizing is another complication with skeletal bands under 1.4mm - the fragile metal often warps or cracks when attempting to open up the shank. One may need to purchase an entirely new band rather than simply sizing up or down. How inconvenient and costly!

For those energetic sorts who enjoy an active lifestyle, your engagement ring will surely be subjected to knocks and bumps. A band of at least 2mm thickness provides the necessary strength to prevent bending out of shape or breaking from impacts. 

Historically speaking, engagement rings were purposefully crafted with robust bands and secure settings to withstand daily wear. These rings represented an everlasting marital bond - they jolly well needed to endure for decades upon decades.

While shimmery trends may catch the eye, my expertise compels me to guide one towards quality, craftsmanship and longevity. An engagement ring is the most meaningful jewellry purchase, signifying your forever commitment. Why risk following some fleeting celebrity fad with a design that may not have the fortitude for real life?

Trust your jeweller, my darlings. I shall expertly assist you in selecting an elegant yet suitably durable engagement ring to joyfully wear with confidence for your lifetime of memories to come.



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