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Article: Which Diamond Should I Pick?

Which Diamond Should I Pick?

Which Diamond Should I Pick?

When purchasing your diamond ring, it will be valuable to know some more about the quality of the individual stone. Every stone is different one of gemstone.

The best way to ensure that you are choosing the best diamond for you, is to look at the 5
Cs – These cover the
clarity, cut, colour, carat and certificate. This will help you understand the diamond grading process when buying an engagement ring and understand the difference between the different stones.


The clarity of a diamond refers to any blemishes that the diamond possesses. Some Diamonds will have no blemishes and this is what makes them the most valuable. Almost every diamond on the market will have some level of inclusions or imperfections and the most important thing is to try and find one with as few as possible – which is where the clarity grade comes in. the GIA Clarity grading scale will give you all the information that you will require.

Saying that, you may want to purchase a larger diamond for your budget and make the decision that the size of the diamond is more important to you than the clarity of the diamond.

Stones that have a larger carat tend to be the more expensive and there is a scale that defines the points where prices increase.

Diamonds are cut into many different

shapes. Most of the time it is up to the customer which shape but it can also be the actual characteristics of the stone that decides the final style of the stone. These cuts include princess, radiant, traditional round, cushion, oval, pear, heart and emerald cuts.

Diamond can be found in many different colours. They can come in blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple and also in the main colourless. The natural colour of a diamond is formed from other minerals which may have dissolved during the natural formation process. Certain colours are much rarer, which increases the value even further.

For engagement rings, colourless are the most favoured. There is chart that ranks the colours and this scale runs from D to Z.




Colour & Confidence

When purchasing any gemstone, make sure that you get the correct certification. Our team is led by a committee member of the London Diamond Bourse, which ensures that we only sell natural stones and that you will receive the quality and the value as promised, guaranteed.

The choice of ring setting will probably have the biggest influence on it’s overall look. These settings include Halo, cluster, solitaire and three stone.

• Which are most popular rings on Instagram • Clustering with 18,000 posts
• Solitaire with over 80,000 posts • Threestoning with 15,000 posts • Halo with 65,000 posts

There are few options for the bands. These include:

White gold. Which is the most popular and we would recommend that use 18 carat gold to help with longevity and durability of the band.

Yellow gold is a more traditional coloured band. Platinum, which is extremely strong and will stand the test of time.

Our bespoke engagement ring service, will help you to create your own unique design.

Visit our Harrogate store or alternatively we can speak to you personally through Zoom or Facetime. 

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