Our blog today illustrates just some of the benefits of using an independent jeweller.


The quality of the Customer service and the customer experience:


Many small independent jewellers like ours are family run businesses, so we really care about developing long term relationships with our customers.


Buying jewellery, especially an engagement, wedding or eternity ring, should be a very happy, emotional and enjoyable experience. We always ensure that every single customer has an awesome experience. We know that buying an engagement ring is not just a transaction, it’s a show of true love for your partner.


In many cases, our customers have become family friends and we have also been invited to some of their weddings. One loving couple actually got engaged in our store. We knew it was happening, so we had flowers, balloons and even champagne all at hand, just to ensure that it was a truly memorable and emotional moment.


Flexible prices:


Large retailers generally have to work to a specific margin, but many independent retailers, especially for the larger pieces, can often be a little more flexible with their final retail prices. Added to this, we can also offer many different payment plans that many multiple retailers cannot offer.

engagement rings fogal and barnes harrogate


Expert advice:


Independent jewellers have staff who are real experts and are passionate about jewellery and items we stock, so this means that they can share this knowledge and correctly advise what is the best individual piece of jewellery just for you. When purchasing any engagement ring or loose diamond or coloured gemstone, our team ensure that we examine the quality of every single piece and on every single occasion.


The range and choice of products in independents is generally far larger than the high street multiples. This because we can buy from any supplier that we prefer. This enables us to stock many completely different designs that you just wouldn’t find in the multiples. Independents also can purchase your dream diamond or coloured gemstone from many different sources. This ensures that you get the very best quality gemstone to suit your individual need and budget.


Added to this, we always stock many individually items specifically designed by Mona Norman or by other very talented designers. We can also design and manufacture any design you wish, as we provide professional 3D CAD drawings and manufacture here in the UK.


Buying from an independent jeweller compared to online:


Buying online is purely a transactional purchase. Buying an engagement, wedding or a special gift for your loved one, should be enjoyable, memorable and a really pleasureable experience. 80% of all purchases are based on emotion and when purchasing an engagement ring or a wedding ring this is even higher. These are pieces of jewellery that you will wear for the rest of your life and on many occasions, passed from generation to generation.

engagement rings fogal and barnes harrogate


They used to say that pictures don’t lie, but in the case of diamonds or coloured gemstones, you can’t see the exact quality or even see the true size of the item when purchasing online.


Even a diamond with a certificate showing a similar colour or clarity, may not be as bright as you expected or may even look very cloudy. Any inclusions may be in the middle of the stone, which can really affect the look and the value of your precious stone.


Every coloured gemstone is so very different and you do really need to see the difference to ensure that you are purchasing what you’ve really paid for.


Over 70% of our customers end up purchasing a design that they didn’t expect when they first set out to look, this can be due to the design, colour size, the gemstone, what suits you or even your skin tone. An independent jeweller will give you their time, advice and expertise, which is the best way of purchasing your dream engagement or wedding ring.


Mona Norman

Fogal and Barnes Fine Jewellers of Harrogate