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Article: How to pick your perfect wedding ring...

Grooms wedding band

How to pick your perfect wedding ring...

How to pick your Grooms perfect wedding ring...

At Fogal and Barnes we have a huge selection of men’s wedding rings. We can help you create your perfect hand finished and bespoke wedding ring and to suit any individual design and budget. 

Here is a short blog which illustrates some of the choices that you have. 

What is your budget?

The price is determined by the metal, the profile (shape), weight, width and finger size. 

The rings are manufactured in 9 ct and 18 ct Yellow, White and Rose gold or Platinum. 

As of the date of this blog, platinum is now the same price as 18 carat gold, which does make a platinum wedding band really great value, as platinum tends to be the more hard wearing of the metals. 

The prices range start at only £100 for a plain, light weight, 9ct yellow gold wedding ring, but will increase for a larger platinum ring. So setting your budget will enable our team to help you purchase exactly what you need and want. 

Which ring should you pick? 

Whilst you can purchase your wedding ring online, we do recommend that you see our one of team as this will ensure that your wedding ring feels comfortable and looks exactly how you imagined. 

You will be living with wedding band for life so it is important that you can pick a ring based on your individual choice of comfort, style and design. 

The profile (shape) of the ring 

The profile of the ring comes in nine different shapes. For example, 

The flat court profile is a contemporary flat finish on the outside with a comfortable court fit against the finger. 

The traditional court gives a rounded finish on the outside with a comfortable court fit against your finger.

The D shape profile gives you a traditional rounded finish on the outside with a flat fit against your finger. 

Our most popular are the traditional court and flat court. 

The weight 

The rings comes in three different weights. These include: light, medium and heavy 

The cut

We have a huge choice of individual cuts which are hand finished here in our workshop. The cut enables you to finish your ring to your own bespoke and individual design. 

The width 

You have a choice of a narrow ring at 2mm, going up to an 8mm ring.

Finger size

To check your finger size, we can pop over to see you, or alternatively please make an appointment to visit our Boutique store in Harrogate. 

For more information on which wedding band to pick, please call 07535469810 or visit our store  at 14 CambridgeStreet, Harrogate, HG1 1RX. 


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